Lifestyle candid photography

Too often we forget our past because we are so busy building our future. Our kids are growing up too fast! Photos generally take us back in time and family photos or baby portraits have the same power. They are a great way to remember past events and smiling faces.
They are also part of our legacy. There comes a time when children or grandchildren ask us for childhood photos. Wouldn’t it be sad if we couldn’t show them? At least the one, where you’re in it together?


How would you describe your photography style?

I try and keep my family photography very natural, capturing the action as it happens, so it's lots of fun and not too much posing. I feel this will bring out the true character of your children and will also make the session more enjoyable.

Do you photograph in colour or black & white?

If I'm honest I realy love B&W portraits and photos! :)
But I do a mixture, choosing what I think works best for each individual photo.

How do I view the photos after the session?

In a week after the shoot your raw images will be available for viewing in a private online gallery.
You will choose a limited number of photos which I will edit for you.

Could you choose a larger number of photos than are in the package?

Sure! You can also order the editing of other photos from your online gallery. The cost of editing an additional photo is 5 €.

Can we also order some professional photo prints? Do you offer any other printed product?

Of coure! After the shooting is over, the nicest part of the story is just beginning. I can offer you premium prints in different sizes, wood blocks, canvases and photo books. Your photos will equip your home with memories and warmth.

How do I book a session with you?

Just get in contact and we'll find a suitable date. All I need then is a signed contract . :)

I love what I do, and the best part of this is that I can share it with people.